Some Simple Truths About Olive Oil

‘What does “Extra Virgin” mean?

First pressing? No, it doesn’t. Most oils, as ours, are pressed only once. Actually, the term “press” itself is misleading, most oil is extracted these days by centrifuge including ours. Olive oil is qualified by its acidity. Extra Virgin is classified as 0.8% acidity or below. High acidity kills the natural goodness of anti-oxidants and vitamins. Our oil is 0.3%.  

Why don’t I see the acidity printed on my oil?

As with all quality oils, we state the acidity. Some so called “quality” makers of Extra Virgin use small quantities of quality oil mixed with inferior, high acidity oils. Whilst below 0.8% acidity, the product has much less anti-oxidants and vitamins. It is known that some of these popular brands are controlled by organised crime.

What does “cold press” mean?

Some oils are extracted at greater than 27ºC. This, like cooking with extra virgin oil, will destroy the goodness. Our oil is produced by "cold press". Actually, because true Extra Virgin Oil is very stable, many people do indeed use it for cooking with great success. Try it!’

Why does our oil have such a low acidity level?  

Extremely low humidity makes Crete one of the best growing regions in the World. Low humidity means low acidity. Also, speed of harvest to press contributes to low acidity. We press within 24 hours.

If so low in acidity, why do I feel a slight warmth at the back of my throat?  

A good question! What you can feel is the anti-oxidants in which our oil is rich.

That’s all very well but how does it taste?  

We hope you’d agree with us, pretty good!