Our Story

When on holiday in Elounda, Crete, we heard about a local olive oil company who had a small, working museum we could visit. As olive oil was always a very important part of our lives, we were very keen to go.

On our arrival we were met by Costas (a third generation family member in the business) and his very good friend Nick who conducted the tour just for the two of us. Within 10 minutes of Nick’s talk about Extra Virgin Olive Oil, we were spitting feathers!! We were furious that we’d been so badly misinformed on the subject. The thought that it was quite possible we’d been liberally and happily spreading lamp oil on our salads infuriated us. We also realised that all our friends would be in the same boat. Everyone we’ve asked about what they think qualifies olive oil as Extra Virgin has said that same, wrong thing. Just like we did. You know, that old “first pressing” idea.

These two delightful young men at the Farm had revolutionised our understanding on this subject. Having fallen so in love with these guys, their way of life and their passion for good, wholesome, fine tasting oil, we resolved that very day to start a business over here in the UK.

Our absolute aim is to spread the word about how we’ve all been so cruelly misled, to empower people to make a far more informed choice and see if we couldn’t help put a small dent into the coffers of organised crime. Oh yes, they have their oar in this business too.

We would like us all to be more aware of what you’re doing next time you reach for a bottle (or can) of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. If you decide to buy your oil from us and benefit from a guaranteed top product, that would be great and we’d appreciate it. But, wherever you buy your oil, our plea is that you don’t just go for the big names without a little more research.

We hope you’ll enjoy the natural olive oil we provide and have a more healthy future!

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Grace Walker and Duncan James-Milnes